BBA(HM) - Duration-3 years

Recognized globally and taught by industry’s professionals and trainers, the BBA prepares future managers for high-level operational responsibilities and opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder. The program is challenging and detailed, it adds a whole new dimension to your career.The program meets the needs of the rapidly changing industry. The coursework is both academic and practical with an emphasis on studying the international hospitality industry.

Approved by Higher Education - M.P. and affiliated to DAW, Indore. Seats; 60, Three years duration Eligibility - General-50% (10+2 Pass); SC ST OBC- 45 % 10+2 Pass

DAVV with international certification of AHLA (American housing & lodging association)


BBA Semester 1st & 2nd

Paper Code Paper Title
GROUP-I : Food Production & Service Management
BBHM11 Food Production & Patisserie
BBHM21 Food & Beverage Service
BBHM31 Food Nutrition & Science
GROUP-H : Accommodation Management
BBHM41 Front Office Operation
BBHM51 House Keeping
BBHM61 Foundation to Management Concepts
BBHM71 English
Paper Code Paper Title
GROUP-I : Food Production & Service Management
BBHM12 Food Production & Patisserie
BBHM22 Food & Beverage Service
BBHM32 English
GROUP-H : Accommodation Management
BBHM42 Front Office Operation
BBHM52 House Keeping
BBHM62 Hotel Business Law & Licenses

BBA Semester 3rd & 4th

Paper Code Paper Title
BBHM13 Food & Beverage Management
BBHM23 Accommodation Management
BBHM33 Hotel Accounts & Financial Management
BBHM43 Human Relation & Business Communication
BBHM53 French
BBHM63 Computer Application
Paper Code Paper Title
BBHM14 Food & Beverage Management
BBHM24 Accommodation Management
BBHM34 Hospitality Marketing Management
BBHM44 Tourism
BBHM54 French
BBHM64 Computer Application
BBHM74 Material Management & Control

BBA Semester 5th& 6th

Paper Code Paper Title
BBHM15 Food & Beverage Management
BBHM25 Accommodation Management
BBHM35 Business Statistic
BBHM45 Hotel Project Mgmt
BBHM55 Major Project Report
BBHM65 French III
BBHM75 Computer Application III
Paper Code Paper Title
BBHM16 Food & Beverage Management
BBHM26 Accommodation Management
BBHM36 Entrepreneurship
BBHM46 Human Resource Management
BBHM56 French IV
BBHM66 Computer Applic.& H. Infor. System